curious case of the 4 D's. discover. define. develop. deploy.

1. Discover

In this stage, we dedicate time and resources to get to know you and your business, as exceptional conceptualization begins by understanding your requirements. Our research will help us learn more about your overall business strategy, target audience, marketing objectives, competition, concept ideas etc. We will work with you to understand your vision and define your goals hereby allowing us to offer solutions to best meet that end.

2. Define

This is the most exciting step of the process, because it is the part where we get things going by creating the concept and developing the overall structure for the project. This phase is a collaborative process that will involve your input in order to confirm your requirements and derive a formalized plan of action. Core choices about layout, colour palettes, keyword distribution, imagery are tested within a number of ideas to identify what works best in order to communicate your goals.

3. Develop

Based on your approval of the concept and subsequent project architecture, we begin what is known as the "production" phase of the process. It is here that we develop a working model that mimics the final approved concept complete with clean, semantic code that adheres to industry best practices and standards. After our team has provided its stamp of approval, we present the final product to you, then revisit the original requirements and explain our approach to addressing them in our model.

4. Deploy

In this stage, upon your final approval, we introduce your product to the world or in our terms "GO LIVE". Once launched, our team will always be on hand to troubleshoot any kind of query that you may have with regards to your product (creative, website, campaign etc) and its performance. We also constantly provide you the necessary statistics because we know that although great marketing concepts are important, it's the results from those that clearly define their success. At louder, we are dedicated to deliver solid results that you can touch, see and measure.

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