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One of the primary focuses of Louder Design today is to fix a glaring need in the destination marketing a.k.a the tourism or travel industry by providing the right blend of world class design concepts and innovative features built on the fundamentals of usability. This is based on our research that started a couple of years ago into why client satisfaction seemed so low when it came to technology providers in this space. The average website user today is savvier than ever, and as a result expect a high level of quality and ease-of-use to keep them engaged and also create the desire to return. It's no longer enough to indulge visitors with well created content whereas an engaging presentation, social interactivity, and smart user features now play major parts to guarantee a constant influx of unique and return visitors to your site and eventually your destination.

We also understand that no CVB is immune to today's fluctuating economy, making it our mission to customize offerings to fit your budget giving you a total bang for your buck. We believe that just because something costs the moon, doesn't make it awesome and vice versa. Our ability to achieve this goal can be attributed to our team of genuine forward thinkers who strive to create home grown solutions that are a collection of original ideas, careful insight and flawless delivery. Our mantra - no matter what need you are looking to fulfill, big or small, we always start with what's most important and that is YOU.

A couple of key solutions that we expect to revolutionize your expectations from a technology partner are:


Featured CVB Project - Visit Champaign County

Visit Champaign County
About Visit CC - Destination Website | Visit Champaign County
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The Client

Visit Champaign County

Outside of Ordinary

Established in 1982, Visit Champaign County is the official tourism destination marketing and management organization for Champaign County. Our mission is to market Champaign County and a diverse set of events, in collaboration with community stakeholders, to attract and serve visitors, and to positively impact the local economy and quality of life.

The Project

Technologies - LAMP Technologies, Adobe Photoshop CS5, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3

The Challenge
  • Create an intuitive and professional online presence to market the destination to it's target audience
  • Leverage modern web technologies and tools to more effectively
  • Serve as a web platform to provide vital information to visitors, partners, stakeholders & staff
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) equipped with a global network for content management and asset delivery
  • Strong desire for a creative, innovative, responsive and user-friendly website

The Result
  • Fresh, modern design concept with tasteful animations, rich media content and an array of cutting-edge features
  • Created with responsive methodologies to allow the site to render perfect on modern web, mobile & tablet browsers
  • Ground-breaking user interface features including Pageless Listings, Filters, Advanced Trip Planner, real-time Weather and much more.
  • User-friendly Maestro™ Control Panel with exclusive On-Page content editing tools.
  • Powerful and smart web forms that handle complex RFP submissions, guide requests, and other CVB-critical information, complete with email notifications, Web-based inbox archive, and clean and easy-to-read data exports.

Key Features
  • Professional W3C Compliant Web Site Design
  • Responsive Templating for Mobile + Tablet Display
  • On-Page Content Management System
  • Interactive Listings Manager
  • Events Calendar
  • Blogs
  • News & Press Releases
  • Advanced Trip Planner
  • Smart Unified Search
  • Trip Ideas
  • Database Powered Forms with Google reCaptcha
  • Site Analytics & Tracking
  • Maestro™ Control Panel



" When approaching a new website design, we were looking for an organization that could give us more than what we wanted at a cost we could afford. We wanted a "WOW" factor not just from a visual standpoint but also functionality. Louder Design has succeeded and excelled on both fronts. I truly feel we now have a state-of-the-art site that is easy to use and beautifully represents the vibrancy of our community. Throughout the process, Louder Design has been responsive and forward-thinking. We couldn't have selected a better partner to bring our destination to the next level."

Terri Reifsteck - Vice President Of Marketing