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Reddy Ice is the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice products in the United States — offering a scope of service ranging from packaged ice to block ice and cold storage. As the brand leader they proudly offer the best selection of products & services available. Because of their exceptional products, customer service, & distribution options, they are a key ice supplier to major retail chains, regional outlets, and local retail establishments coast to coast.


Being a large corporation, with multiple stakeholders, a plethora of products, press & success stories that needed to be shared with their target consumer, Reddy Ice required Louder Design to create create a system that enabled dynamic content creation that is easily discoverable & indexed by popular search engines whilst maintaining their branded design layout framework. We templatized the entire web experience & workflow, providing the teams at Reddy Ice with the opportunity to customize their own landing pages, blog posts, press releases, product catalog, and so much more. This seamless process was made possible using the Divi Page Builder that we integrated a custom WordPress CMS instance.

Post-launch website search metrics

Our key deliverable was to increase the Reddy Ice brand awareness using a search engine optimization (SEO) approach centered on developing layouts that targeted consumers with organically structured content. This methodology helped showcase their value proposition which was validated by a surge to both organic keyword rankings & overall website consumer traffic.


Targeted keywords that currently hold the NUMBER ONE spot on Google SERP.


Targeted keywords now on the 1st PAGE of Google SERP.


Increase in organic traffic compared to the pre-optimization period.


It’s always nice to be recognized for your creations.

2018 W3 Silver Award for Best Website

Reddy Ice

Neelu Sethi

Louder Design - Thank you for launching a phenomenal website for Reddy Ice. Your amazing creativity, flawless work and innovative designs have further raised Our Iconic Brand of Reddy Ice - We don't just make ice, We Make Life Cool!! We have been receiving raving reviews from our employees and our customers for our new Corporate website and it is a true testament of your exemplary customer service, passion and hard work. Thank you for making a difference for us.

Neelu Sethi

SVP, Chief Information Officer
Reddy Ice - Corporate Reddy Ice - Corporate Reddy Ice - Corporate