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The Client

Grand Center Inc.

Grand Center is a unique cultural and historical treasure, located in the heart of St Louis. More than 1.5 million people visit Grand Center each year, coming for Broadway musicals, jazz music, contemporary art, cabaret shows, the symphony, the circus, films, festivals, and much more. An eclectic choice of restaurants and a variety of living and education options further enhance the creative energy of Grand Center and St. Louis overall.

The Project

Technologies - LAMP Technologies, Adobe Photoshop CS5, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3

Key Features
  • Professional W3C Compliant Web Site Design
  • Responsive Templating for Mobile + Tablet Display
  • On-Page Content Management System
  • Interactive Listings Manager
  • Events Calendar
  • Blogs
  • News & Press Releases
  • Smart Unified Search
  • Database Powered Forms with Google reCaptcha
  • Site Analytics & Tracking
  • Maestro™ Control Panel



" Grand Center is the heart of arts and culture in St. Louis, and needed a website that promotes the numerous cultural events in the District – one that entices people to visit by showcasing the abundance of culture, art and restaurants in the District. Louder Design helped us to develop a site that centered around our event calendar, with a control panel that enables the various organizations to populate the calendar with their events. As a tool used by our visitors while in the District to find nearby events and venues, the responsiveness of the mobile site was particularly important. Even after we officially launched, Sulen continues to be quick to respond to requests and issues. It is a pleasure to work with him and his team."

Michelle Stevens - Vice President